Current Threats to Business

Cyber Criminals are becoming more and more adept at extorting dollars out of business’ pockets. With the rise in ransomware and cryptomining malware, the avenues for these bad actors to achieve success is extremely broad. The problem for most business owners is that there is not enough time in the day to successfully implement a well-rounded security program. Penetration testing, vulnerability analysis and remediation are parts of a successful information security program that can help business owners achieve solid control over their sensitive data as well as their customer’s. The inability to take a proactive stance towards this cybercrime can lead to a huge loss in income for businesses, as shown in the graphic below.

What Is a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing is a process that security professionals use to identify vulnerabilities in a network. They use similar but safe tactics to what an actual hacker would use in order to find the gaps in a network’s security and attempt to exploit them to see where networks are most vulnerable. The security professionals operate within a given scope, or a set of boundaries that the network owner gives them, so that there are no unplanned risk to the customers data, network or business. In addition to the strict methodology, operators take meticulous notes as they move through a network in order to show clear evidence of vulnerabilities to the network owner. All of this evidence is compiled after the penetration test is over into a final report, which is confidentially by the penetration testing team to the network owner, so as to not disclose a network’s vulnerabilities to outside agencies.

The Threat Landscape Can Be Overwhelming

A quick look at the OWASP top 10 application security risks can give some insight as to the types of things that the hackers are targeting. On one hand , this list can also be unsettling for business owners who do not have the time, knowledge, or expertise to deal with these issues. Black Harbor can take the reins on proactively assessing that risk. Our penetration testing process highlights the risks associated with your business and provides clear, effective methods for remediation all while keeping businesses intimately informed on what is happening in the. Black harbor expertly balances risk and business availability to help business owners make decisions based on only the threats that important.

How Can We Help You Solve These Problems?

In this current day, business owners are busy managing their operations with less and less resources as activities get outsourced and operations become more costly. At the same time, cyber-criminals are getting better and better at attacking networks and targeting employees in order to vacuum even more money away from business owners. Our team at Black Harbor is passionate about helping organizations identify these vulnerabilities and plug holes in your network’s security before hackers have an opportunity to exploit them. We offer first-class penetration testing services by way of industry-certified operators who have extensive experience in the field. Black Harbor can help you solve the issues plaguing your network and help bring you a sense of security through our services. Send us a message if you are interested in talking about how we can work together to help your operations run more efficiently.