Black Harbor is a Cybersecurity solutions consultancy which provides first-class service to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to work with each client on their unique circumstance in order to deliver a level of unsurpassed service. We value prompt and clear communication and a level of client commitment that has no equal. We believe in team and individual development as well as community engagement. Bottom line – our passionate, dedicated team loves to work on problems for clients that require high-agency quality with a personal touch. 



The ideal candidate will be self-starting and a passionate lifelong learner. Strong communicator highly desired with the ability to work well on a team remotely and in-person. Innovative mindset and flexibility with an emphasis on team building and company growth.

Immediate Fill:

  • Part-Time – Inside Sales Rep – Responsible for sourcing clients, marketing calls, managing mailing lists, social media, setting up initial client meetings and client onboarding

Future Roles:

  • Offensive Operator – Conducts web and host vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and threat actor emulation
  • Incident Response Analyst – Conducts incident response, post-breach assessments, forensic analysis and triage
  • Security Architect – Responsible for designing security architecture solutions (host, network intrusion systems, SIEMs, SOAR, etc) and conducts detection gap analysis

There are no hard and fast education or job history requirements, but we are looking for people with experience in the position.

Our intent with future roles is to build relationships with candidates who are interested in joining the Black Harbor team at a later date. We expect the best and want team members that are selected for employment with us to share the goals, aspirations and culture that we value at Black Harbor. These roles will be filled from our pre-qualified list of candidates as needed, so please submit your resume if you are interested.

Please send resumes to and identify the position or positions you may be interested in and we will be in touch. Thank you!



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