This bi-weekly dispatch is brought to you by the team at Black Harbor. Every other week we share three things. One offensive technique, one defensive technique and some random snippet of something that piqued our interest. It may be a motivational quote, some piece of news or a slice of a product review.

Offense – Using CSS to Track Users

Not exactly a complicated technique and similar to pixel tracking but its still a nice way to think about tracking users. Simply embed or hide and image somewhere using CSS and track users hitting the image via server logs. Smooth and silent!

Defense – Blue Team Cheat Sheets

If you’re like me and don’t commit much of anything to memory anymore then it’s really handy to have cheatsheets. Especially for blue teamers who constantly look at host logs and need a reference for things like event IDs. This week we’ve got a nice little repo of handy and UPDATED regularly sheets.

Snippet – High Resolution Photos of Fingers Lead to Arrest

We’re seeing high resolution photos being used to capture biometrics as evidence.

“The Special Agent sent the highest resolution picture to the HSI Forensic Document Laboratory and requested an analysis of the prints. The FDL returned the request after conducting a comparative analysis of the friction ridge detail of the fingerprints from the Imgur album and the fingerprint samples taken after police had arrested Porras for a different crime. The fingerprints in the Imgur album matched the prints they already had on file for Porras.”

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