This is bi-weekly dispatch is brought to you by the team at Black Harbor. Every other week we share three things. One offensive technique, one defensive technique and some random snippet of something that piqued our interest. It may be a motivational quote, some piece of news or a slice of a product review.

Offense – FuzzWeek by Gamozo

Want to learn fuzzing/software testing? This is the place to start. There is something here for anyone from beginner to advanced.

Defense – KAPE Guide

Kape is a tool used to find and parse forensically relevant artifacts. It can collect from both live and mounted systems and outputs the results in a nice human readable way. This guide is a soft intro to the use of Kape to enhance a DIFR process.

Snippet – The $ User

Ben Ten shows a cool tactic way to create hidden users using a dollar…sign.

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